SD Card Holder

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“Optimize your 3D printing setup with our SD Card Holder tailored for 20×20 mm Aluminum Frames. Safely store and access multiple SD cards, ensuring seamless and organized printing experiences.”


Introducing our SD Card Holder designed specifically for 20×20 mm Aluminum Frames: Simplify Your Printing Workflow!

Say goodbye to misplaced or scattered SD cards with our purpose-built SD Card Holder. Precision-engineered to seamlessly attach to 20×20 mm aluminum frames, this holder keeps your valuable SD cards securely stored and easily accessible during your 3D printing projects.

Key Features:
1. Custom Fit Design: Tailored for 20×20 mm aluminum frames, ensuring a perfect and secure attachment without any extra hassle.
2. Secure Storage: Safely houses multiple SD cards, preventing loss or damage and providing convenient access whenever needed.
3. Easy Installation: Effortlessly attaches to the frame without obstructing the printer’s functionality or aesthetics.
4. Durable Build: Crafted from high-quality materials, offering durability and long-lasting reliability for continuous use.

Streamline your printing process with our SD Card Holder for 20×20 mm Aluminum Frames. Keep your SD cards organized, protected, and within reach, minimizing interruptions and maximizing your printing efficiency. Enjoy hassle-free access to your data for uninterrupted creativity and precision in your 3D prints.

Effortlessly organize and safeguard your cards on 20×20 mm Aluminum Frames with our dedicated Card Holder. Secure storage, easy accessibility. So keep your cards organized, protected, and within reach, minimizing interruptions


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