Cable Holder

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“Keep cords tidy with our 3D printed Cable Holder. A simple yet effective solution to manage cables and maintain a neat and organized space.”


Introducing our 3D printed Cable Holder, a practical accessory designed to simplify cord management in your space. Crafted for functionality, this holder offers a simple yet effective solution to keep cords organized and prevent tangles.

Whether for home or office use, this holder ensures a clutter-free environment by neatly securing cables. Such as charging cords, computer wires, or entertainment system cables. Its straightforward design makes it easy to install on desks, walls, or behind furniture, providing convenience while maintaining an organized space.

Crafted from durable materials utilizing advanced 3D printing technology, this Cable Holder guarantees reliability and longevity in managing your cords. Offering a hassle-free solution for a tidier environment.

Streamline your space and bid farewell to tangled cords with our Cable Holder, a smart and efficient solution crafted to simplify cord organization and maintain a neat and tidy environment effortlessly.


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